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✅ v.0.0.3 is out - Request query params and Request body

[August 9, 2019] by Nikolay Zherdev

We are making one step closer to simulate real API capabilities. Starting from now you have access to the request query parameters and to the request body in the response editor.

💎 Request query parameters

To use request query parameters in the response use qry variable in the template.

For example to use values from the request


Following template could be used:

  "success": true,
"page": "{{qry.page}}",
"data": [...] }

Here is an example:

Query params

💎 Request body

Access to request body is very similar to request query params. You need to use a body variable in the response template.

Request body

Other improvements

☀️ Updated SEO tags for website
🚑 Fixed request limiter to 10 requests per second
🚑 Fixed Background job cleaning request history
🎨 Updated design