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🚀v.0.0.4 - I am CRUD

Yes, in new "v.0.0.4" version it is a possible to create real CRUD methods.

Written by Nikolay Zherdev on September 21, 2019
✅v.0.0.3 is out - Request query params and Request body

Version "v.0.0.3" up and running. We are making one step closer to simulate real API capabilities. 💎Now you have access to the request query parameters and to the request body in the response template editor.

Written by Nikolay Zherdev on August 09, 2019
🚀v.0.0.2 version of Fake.REST is out

Version "v.0.0.2" of Fake.REST is out. It has a new look on the landing page. Dynamic response templates and Request History. In this post, I want to highlight ✨ the most important new features.

Written by Nikolay Zherdev on July 31, 2019