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[September 21, 2019] by Nikolay Zherdev

This is the huge one. After 2 months of developing Fake.REST can now save, read, update, transform any user data whatever you want with two new features:

1. Store Arrays

Store Arrays in a new concept to provide store for user data. According its name its a JavaScript array, with custom user JSON records.

In the UI is the new menu item on the left side:

The content of the any store array should be a valid JSON Array. In general work with its items similar to work with methods. You can create new arrays, update it, delete. Same like for methods. How they can be used? Lets see below.

2. Scripting for the methods

Fake.REST makes one more step to the simplify of the REST API development. Now become possible run custom JavaScript code on each HTTP request. Is located on the Edit Method page just before the Response Body field. The new field called Method script. Method script field

The main purpose of the scripting is to provide basic logic to the method execution. That gives possibility to control user data in the methods. The script environment have an access to the Store Arrays, Request Parameters, And dynamic templates methods. That meakes ability to store, filter and generate any data and make feeling like you work with the real REST API.

Example of Scripting you can find on Scripting Overview of new Documentation;